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Daily Events

Wednesday - TableTop Games

The night of gaming! Tabletop games! MIB Ron demos new Steve Jackson Games every first Wednesday of the month and other Tabletop games all other Wednesdays! No Cover and Drink Specials! For a nice mid-week pick-me-up come on in for some fun!

Thursday - Gamer Girl Night & Karaoke

It's Karaoke Night at GTSouth with Karaoke by Jimmie spinning up everything from the oldies to the hits of today! It's also Ladies Night, GTSouth Style! Girl Geeks/Gamers get preference over the machines! Ladies, you're in control all night long! Enjoy!

Friday - Tournaments & Anime

Anime Night at GTSouth where AJ Mikuru spins all your favorite anime episode on the projector! Game Tournaments every Friday, check the calendar for the schedule! Fridays are also dedicated to our men and women in uniform. Bring your Military ID in and get happy hour prices all night! Fire/Ambulance/Police included! We proudly support our US Military and the sacrifice they make for our Freedom!

Saturday - Event & Karaoke Night

Check the Calendar for the weekly event. Karaoke Every Saturday! Doctor Who shown on projector on premier nights when in season!

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Who We Are

So what is GTSouth all about?

A question we get asked often when folks walk through the door so we thought we would explain it. Basically, GTSouth stands for Geek & Gaming Tavern South, a home for geeks of all types and gamers of many genres. It is a place where everyone 19 and over is accepted on a social level that just doesn't fit in the typical bar stereotype. We are not a sports bar, a pool hall, or anything of the sort, we are unique. We play games, we watch Doctor Who, we watch anime, sing Monty Python Karaoke, we play tabletop games, etc...

This is a place where you come to relax, have a drink, and socialize with the gamers and geeks that so often have stayed at home and socialized only online. One of our greatest compliments has been, "I have found a place where I am accepted." This is truly the heart and soul of what GTSouth is about. Being a Geek or a Gamer is no longer a closet stigma, it is the calling cards of the next generation and GTSouth embraces it completely. No matter what your religious or political views, your sexual orientation, or the color of your skin, what the people that come to GTSouth have in common is that they are gamers and/or geeks and what you get from the people at GTSouth is a society of your peers in this unique venue where words like Tardis and Shoryuken, phrases like "I can haz cheeseburger?!?", "Shoryuken!", or "Don't forget to bring a towel!" are not met with awkward looks but rather a knowing nod and great conversation. We love it here and we hope you find happiness here too.

So at this point our next question is usually how does this work? Do we have to pay to play and hang out? So, obviously it's not free to have a hangout and especially one with a liquor license. So we set up a few house rules. Basically Wednesday's have no cover just come hang and/or play. Get a drink when you come in to help us stay open (we have non-alcoholic drinks too). We wish we could make it all free but there are those silly bills to pay. On Thursdays there is a $5 cover at the door for guys 21+ and $10 for age 19 & 20, Gamer Girls are in free. For Friday and Saturday there is a $5 cover at the door for 21+ and $10 for age 19 & 20. On Friday if you are military/fire/ambulance/fire the cover is waived.

We have game stations set up with everything from PS3/Xbox360 all the way back to Nintendo. We have a decent selection of games that grow constantly, you just let us the doorman know what you want to play and they will get it for you. As far as play time itself, when it is busy please be mindful of others, change out and don't hog a system, we don't have a tolerance for system hogs :). We also have tables available for PC hookups, Wi-Fi, D&D, MTG, or tabletop games. We have a projection screen and big screen that is usually on Syfy or another geeky channel or youtube. If Doctor Who, Firefly, etc.. are going to be on TV then the channel gets tuned there usually :) We have a full bar with a vast list of specialty mixed drinks, many originals not found anywhere else, bottled beer, energy drinks, and coke products. For the hungry we serve hot dogs, chips, and candy. We hope you come visit us soon and find your own piece of the world at GTSouth Geek & Gaming Tavern.

4017 Eastern Blvd Montgomery, AL 36116

GTSouth is located down Eastern Blvd Near The Troy Highway Bypass.

Coming from I-85 continue south past Vaughn Road, the next signal past the Walmart on your left is the Winn-Dixie Shopping Center where Longhorn BBQ is located, across from Stiver's Ford.

We are located between Winn-Dixie and Subway. A nice hole in the wall which looks small on the outside but much larger on the inside, much like the Tardis!

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Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 7pm-Midnight
Thursday: 5pm-2am
Friday: 5pm-2am
Saturday: 5pm-2am

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