Ahha! It’s starting to come back to me now! I know why I came here. I’ve been all kinds of thinking about this one girl, you kinda look like her but my vision is kind of fuzzy still. Anyway, she had brought me out on this adventure out here which was the BEST day I’ve had outside of the bar for awhile. We were foraging and collecting things and had so much fun. But it wasn’t until we came upon this one bench.. not the one we are at, it was way deeper in the woods but I was drunk and could not go out there. Anyway, at that other bench I stopped, just for a moment, and took in the beauty of this area and the person I was sharing it with and knew right then that I wanted to have many more adventures with her. Thats bench will be ingrained into my mind for a very long time! Oh I almost forgot! When I was sitting here taking in that memory I looked down and found these earrings, you can have them. Dragons are pretty cool in my book and I really wanted to award you for taking this journey with me. Also it looks like I dropped some money too, my vision is still fuzzy but I feel like there might be a little person with us. I bet this $20 will help us get something to eat! We are definitely hungry from this journey. Anyway, it’s getting late, we should head back to the car.

After some food, click the image to continue helping me, I think we got past the hard part, the rest should be pretty quick on our way home.