It has all come back to me now, now that I am sobering up, I was drinking last night and thinking about Bri all that time, and wouldn’t you know it, that is You! I was visiting just the few places we have had time together at so far. Sorting through my feelings, reliving these new memories and realizing that I want many many more adventures together with you. So I came to your house and started up this fire to cook you an amazing meal and wouldn’t you know it.. I made the fire so hot it created some obsidian and I got side tracked turning it into a heart. I got so tired doing that that I passed out at the front door where you found me. I’m sorry we had to run everywhere just for me to realize that where I wanted to be was here at your house with you this whole time because I am away in Texas but I wanted you to have an amazing Valentine’s day.  I know these earrings aren’t much but their journey of creation reflects my journey to find you.  They took time but were woth the wait, just like you are to me, every second, worth the wait.  I Love You.

Wait! But I had a note with me! Oh no! You should look at the spot you found me, I bet it got lost under the dirt just below my feet! Hurry it might still be there! Allons-y!!!