Did you know there was a Gaming Tavern in Montgomery?!? Do you like video games, board games, D&D or card games like MTG, Cards Against Humanity, or Uno? Do you like Disney Karaoke, solving Murder Mysteries, Cosplay, or other fun theme events? Are you aged 21 or older? Then come check us out! We pride ourselves on being a bar that caters to those who typically don’t frequent such venues! On the inside we are neurodivergent friendly with a social vibe of low music, tables and games. We also have a fun outdoor area too called Dragon’s Fire Lounge: with a stage to host DJs and Live performances, a firepit, a foursquare court and more! We look forward to seeing you soon!

MEET NEW FRIENDS:  GTSouth prides itself in being an all-inclusive venue for every walk of life! Inside enjoy moderate levels of music, a social atmosphere that caters to neurodivergence with an array of gaming options!

GAMING ENTERTAINMENT:  From Doctor Who Pinball, to PS3/PS4 Stations, a Smash Bros station and more… come game with us! A Library of Board Games and other activities allow for unique interactions you don’t find at a typical bar!

DRAGON’S FIRE LOUNGE:  Our backside outdoor area with foursquare court, firepit, and many other games! The back stage is home to multiple events! Open Mic/Poetry Nights, DJs, Performances & More!  Check our events for what’s happening!

Every Wed/Thu!

This Friday & Saturday!

Friday Night Paint N Sip! Canvases for sale, paints provided with purchase!

Saturday Night Special Karaoke Edition! Not everyone can make our Thursday Karaoke so we are trying a special Saturday Night Karaoke!

Full Future Schedule for Feb-April Below!!!

Good Marrow Ladies & Gentledwarves! I know it has been quiet and people have been wondering about future events.  I am happy to report that after a LONG January, it lasted like 83 days right? We are ready to get away from some of this hibernation and get things going. I appreciate everyone’s patience as I have had a lot going on with my dayjob and my staff has been waiting on important decisions.  As to the state of the bar, our income for January was about even to expenses. January is always our slowest month but we have had great nights all month even without events. I will be honest at times it felt slow but at the end of the day the numbers in sales have been there and people have enjoyed the drinks and our new burger and we are doing good and survived the “alabama winter”. We made it! Speaking of which, one of the last of our Sister bars, Cloak & Blaster in Orlando closed after 10 years last weekend. It was very sad, we are one of the only niche geek bars left from around 20 of them a decade ago.  Our survival, while always rocky, has been because of our community and we thank you so much for your continued support! We have been far from perfect during this journey, but I am proud of what we continue to achieve.

Now onto events!  In 2024 we are going with a more standardized schedule so it’s easier to remember what is going on each month and to plan for it.  The First Friday of each month we are highlighting our Fighting gamers to bring in their systems, fight sticks, hook to our screens, and do battle! The First Saturday of each month we are doing a Rave style EDM/Glow night. We have automated pre-made mix sets from various DJs around the world to share and incorporate into our lighting system. It was a great experience on New Years so we are making it a thing once a month!  The second friday of each month we are dedicating the dance floor to open mic for comedy and poetry signups! The Last Friday of each month we will have a Smash Tournament and Tabletop night. The Last Saturday we will do an All Requests Music Mix night.

Mid-month will have various events and beta tests on themes to see what hits and misses like a special Saturday Karaoke on 2/17, Jon is coming back for a Bad Customer Service night on 3/23 and we are having our 3rd annual prom on 4/13 which is also the bar’s 13th? birthday!

Outside of special events and themes we have had great nights on Wednesdays for D&D which is up to 3 or more tables with DMs available for more. Thursday’s Retro Videogame tournament is still going strong and Karaoke as well with dedicated KJ Gina getting your songs going! Fridays we are enjoying tabletop nights with people playing all sorts of board and card games from our library or bringing their own. It has been a nice chill socializing night, we have also started growing D&D on Fridays as well, we have DMs available if you would like to inquire about joining a group on Friday nights!  Saturday we turn the music up to a moderate level and set the lights. We have free Tarot readings behind the curtain in the former VIP stage area by Shadow Wood Obsidian. That area is actually going to become a new witchy style shoppe soon!  In the spring we will be having more singers and small bands as well out back, we have been in talks with quite a few during the winter for getting the Dragon’s Fire Lounge area going when it warms back up!

I am off to get graphics going for all these events below. The Website will be updated with them soon and watch the website for any changes that might happen to the schedule over time as we see what hits and misses on our eternal Beta test. Thank you all again and we look forward to 2024!

 – Mike & the GT Family

GTSouth Geek and Gaming Tavern

2015 Cong W L Dickinson Dr

Montgomery, AL 36109


Wed: 5:30p-11p  |  Thurs: 6p-2a

Fri: 6p-2a  |  Sat: 6p-2a

21+ to enter w/ valid ID

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